Destination wedding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

 Recently one of my clients asked me “What do you like the most about your work?” And that made me think...because it can be a lot of simple answers like: ‘I like to capture beautiful moments...’ or ‘..from my childhood I knew that I will be a photographer...’ etc. 


But my answer lies in this beautiful story of Christina & Damion....


They met 10 years ago in a bar in the middle of the big city, New York. He asked her to dance...she was from Canada and he was from The States. 


After one year the story of their love begins...

Like all couples, they experienced happiness and hardship, even their friends doubted their relationship and never thought it was possible.. she was living in Canada and he was living in The States. 

But one of the sweetest moments came, as they were getting ready for their anniversary weekend and about to go to the NBA basketball game. 


«..."He was getting our daughter ready to go to her grandparents and he quickly called me into our her room in a panic, as if something was wrong and needed help. I walked into the room and looked at the baby and she had the most adorable outfit on and a shirt that read, “Mommy will you marry my Daddy” I then looked over at Damion and he was on one knee! Of course, I said yes !!!"...»


Reading such a heart touching story made tears fall out of my eyes...I was overwhelmed with feelings of joy and happiness!!

and I understood... THIS is the moment I like best about my work - when couples share with you such intimate moments of their lives...


-Thanks for your trust! This means a lot !



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