Dary & Jen's rousing wedding

Guess what?

This was the most intense experience I have had working at weddings. This couple was so much fun and had so much positive energy.


As always, things started with the groom getting ready which took a while, but he was very open-minded and cooperative and we had a lot of fun.


Meanwhile, the bride was waiting for me. She was so sweet and humble, and wasn’t inclined to pose much. However, she was so beautiful that it was hard for me to stop. It does happen whenever I shoot someone truly gorgeous.


They organised the whole wedding by themselves, how exciting is that?!


When the ceremony finished and as they were being declared husband and wife, in a final moment of euphoria and happiness, they ran away screaming in joy. I was laughing so hard that I had trouble holding my camera properly.


The reception that followed was held in amazing taste as lights and flowers were selected by a talented professional team. 

PS. Oh, and by the way as you can see they preferred sneaker to ordinary wedding shoes :)) 

Isn't it more convenient and original?!  

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