Stunning engagement session - Marcelo & Priscila

Marcelo proposed to Priscila in front of their closest friends and family, only a month before their trip to Punta Cana! What a suprise!

At first, his idea was to do it here in Dominican Republic during our photoshoot, on a beautiful cliff at sunset.

But then Marcelo realized that in the circle of all the closest friends it would be more correct and more exciting.

We had an appointment of shooting when they had already arrived here. They came accompanied by Priscila's Mom and Aunt .

They also selected her outfits for the photo session, helped to change the images and simply supported this beautiful shy couple with warm words and a humor.

This photo session was so easy and unnoticed that we were even lost in time.

Sharing photos from this shoot, I would like to show you the moments of their happiness and blessing.




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