5 reasons why
having your wedding outside the hotel is better

·         Privacy. Depending on the layout of the restaurant and how much you want to spend, most likely on this day no one except you and your guests will be there. The restaurant will only be functioning for your wedding and your wedding alone. You will be able to enjoy your event without strangers. It is quite the opposite when you book a wedding at a hotel. There, you will be given a designated area for your wedding and constantly under the sights of curious eyes that are staying there also.

·         Extra payments.  In the hotels you will be obliged to pay for all outside vendors: photographers, videographers, stylists, decorators, florists, organizers, etc. Recently, this trend has become frequent and prices are rising every year. Unlike weddings in restaurants outside the hotel, there you can easily bring your staff without paying extra.

·         Service. Service in restaurants outside the hotels are at a much higher level, the menu is more varied, tastier and of superior quality. Resort restaurants work based on the flow of tourists, whereas outside restaurants have a higher level of service that you will be presented with. The food cooked will all be individually selected for your celebration.

·         Photo services.  You can definitely count on the resort to offer inside photo services for your ceremony. The goal behind this is so the resort will receive an additional percentage or profit from you. The quality of these photo services leaves much to be desired. These photographers do not have much experience in wedding photography and receive a fairly low percentage of earnings for each shooting. Ultimately, these people are not intrinsically motivated because of their financial situation.

·         “You are not the only one.” In the resorts there is a high probability that on your special day you will be sharing this moment with many other brides, possibly at the same time!  Unfortunately, sometimes the wedding organizers are very irresponsible when approaching this issue. Brides may encounter, meet (and believe me, on your happy day you will prefer to be the only happy bride in this place, and indeed in the whole world). Or sometimes you just need to wait until the previous wedding is over, so that the wedding organizers can then prepare and start your wedding. In an even worst situation you may find yourself banished from the place of your ceremony, in time to prepare the following. 


I know a few (not many) hotels that can provide this service at a high level.

Photographer  http://antoninayurieva.com/ 

MUA  http://www.magdariccardimakeup.com/ 

Venue http://www.jellyfishrestaurant.com/ 

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