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Now Larimar Resort Punta Cana Wedding

Now Larimar Resort Punta Cana Wedding

I was lucky enough to shoot a couple of weddings in this venue, and I can confidently say this is one of my favorite places.

The places for the ceremonies are simply mesmerizing: you can get married as on the ocean shore in a luxurious arch, decorated with any flowers and decorations to your taste, or in a Gazebo near a Fountain, in a place specially designated for these ceremonies, which in my opinion is more private and can accommodate up to 150 guests. 

About the location of your reception, I generally keep quiet ... one of the options of which is around a private pool, and here your imagination is not limited by anything. 

...and that's just a couple of lines about this amazing place. Do you already have a wild desire to be there right now?

Why am I telling you everything, look at the photo and you will understand everything...and possibly steal a couple of ideas for your wedding.

So here I share with you one of my Now Larimar Resort Punta Cana Weddings 

Taylor & Aaron 

Punta Cana Photographer Antonina Yurieva 

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