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Casa De Campo Destination Wedding / Carolyn & Anush's story

Casa De Campo Destination Wedding / Carolyn & Anush's story

Casa de Campo perhaps one of my favorite wedding venues. They offer the endless possibilities for your BIG day!

Whether surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, or by the quiet flicker of candlelight in an all-stone cathedral, or something completely original, your wedding will be as unique and memorable as your story.

You can enjoy a private cocktail reception overlooking the Chavon River, a rehearsal dinner hosted in a beautiful oceanfront villa or

you can get married in the heart of Altos De Chavon - St.Stanislaus Church. This is so romantic! And here happened my couple's gorgeous wedding.

I can't be thankful enough for the couples I was lucky to shoot. Spending the whole day with them and surrounded by their family and close friends you can feel deeply how they love each other, how they care about each other and this powerful energy around them.

Reading or listening the couple stories make me sry, smile, laugh and experience all these moments. Doesn't it breathtaking?

So, here is another beautiful story one of my couple, Carolyn and Anush.

They met in grade school, in 4th grade. "We were in the same class. I can’t remember our first conversation, since we were just 8 or 9 years old haha but we did become friends. We ended up going to middle school and high school together too, and remained friends after high school. Eventually into our mid-20s we started dating!".

Oh, by the way, interesting and incredible fact that they were born a day apart in the same hospital.

Top 3 things the groom loves about the bride: her smile, her love for her family, and ambition.

Top 3 things bride loves about the groom: his sense of humor, his compassion and sensitivity, and his intelligence (he knows so many random things, he could probably win a trivia contest).

The proposal happened in Central Park, NYC: "It sounds romantic, I know. But in reality it was hilariously awkward. Anush and I are both very shy people, so I was surprised that he chose a public location to propose. He waited until we were in a more secluded area of the park to get down on one knee. He was so nervous that his opening line to the proposal was, “this is gonna be awkward but...” LOL. Honestly the proposal definitely encapsulates us as a couple. But it was really nice to have a moment for the two of us, even is for just a few minutes, in the middle of a big city". LOVE IT!

Most romantic memory (bride): a weekend we spent in a tiny cabin in the woods.

Most romantic memory (groom): our first date, candlelit dinner with wine.

Their ideal day together: spending the day on a beach, reading and enjoying refreshing cocktails (reliving my honeymoon everyday haha!). Or being active by going on a nice hike in the mountains.

Relationship in one word: playful.

Sometimes even for a couple of questions you can get the whole story of couple's life and love.

Romantic, isn't it?!

Here you will find gorgeous pictures from Casa de Campo Destination Wedding 

Punta Cana & La Romana Destination Wedding Photographer Antonina Yurieva

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