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Dary & Jen's rousing Royalton Punta Cana wedding

Dary & Jen's rousing Royalton Punta Cana wedding

 How I love to tell couples stories... how did they meet, how did they looked to each other for the first time...who was fall in love first!

Here is a story of this magnificent couple Dary & Jen

They met each other at a dance club on a random Sunday night: "not so romantic sounding lol but we do love to dance and party so it's romantic for us" - they said. 

It doesn't matter where and when sometimes, but it does matter just for you two, because you will remember this day the whole life.  Oh, yes, and coincidences are not coincident. So wherever that happens, you were at the right time and right place. I Truly believe in it. 

Groom loves his wife's quirkiness the most, always makes him laugh...a lot

Wife loves her husband's positive, vibrant energy. He has the best attitude, and it's contagious.

He proposed to her at her parents house in the middle of dinner, it was a complete surprise! She always said "I don't want to expect it and I sure didn't".

 "We really enjoying going out and dancing. Our number one place is to visit is Las Vegas.  Everyone always thought we would get married there". And you have to meet this couple and feel their energy and you will understand everything about them. 

They seem a bit crazy, but "lovely crazy" if I can say this!  The spirit of their relationship, the feelings and understanding and many ways similar tastes...oh, is not it a perfect relationship?!

When I asked to describe their relationship in one word, they said "EPIC" ! " It's been an awesome ride so far and we are loving every minute!!!" And it feels like this!

Guess what?

 This was the most intense experience I have had working at weddings. This couple - Dary and Jen - was so much fun and had so much positive energy.

 As always, things started with the groom getting ready which took a while, but he was very open-minded and cooperative and we had a lot of fun.

Meanwhile, the bride was waiting for me. She was so sweet and humble, and wasn’t inclined to pose much. However, she was so beautiful that it was hard for me to stop. It does happen whenever I shoot someone truly gorgeous.

They organized the whole wedding by themselves, how exciting is that?!

When the ceremony finished and as they were being declared husband and wife, in a final moment of euphoria and happiness, they ran away screaming in joy. I was laughing so hard that I had trouble holding my camera properly.

The reception that followed was held in an amazing taste as lights and flowers were selected by a talented professional team. 

PS. Oh, and by the way as you can see they preferred sneaker to ordinary wedding shoes :)) 

Isn't it more convenient and original?!  

The rousing wedding took place in a wonderful Royalton resort Punta Cana, more information about this venue you can find in another article of my blog  

Venue Royalton Punta Cana Resort & Casino

Your Destination Punta Cana Wedding Photographer - Antonina Yurieva Photography

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