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5 Reasons you should do a first look

5 Reasons you should do a first look

It’s not a secret that we LOVE first looks.

First look is a moment when the bride and groom have an intimate space and nobody can interrupt it. The most likely the only moment when you can stay alone with each other on this hectic day.

This pre-scheduled time, even if it’s only 10 minutes, is just for the two of you. You hug, kiss, chat, and more than likely cry!

So, there are some reasons you should do a first look and believe me you won't regret it!


1. Private vows and gifts.

There are couples who do not really like to put their feelings and emotions on a display, and this time is for you: you can exchange your intimate vows with each other, you can also exchange your gifts and at the same moment see the reaction of your beloved.

Isn't it romantic?


2. Save time and reinsurance.

You never know what the weather will be on your wedding day. I think it's the only thing you can't control this day. Ha-ha

Anyway, if you have a first look done, you don't need to be worry about photo session of you two after the ceremony and spend about an hour or more on it, and you can spend your time with family and loved ones in a cocktail hour.

Stressless, right?


3. More photo opportunities.

Sometimes there are unexpected delays that can cut into your photo time together after the ceremony. The ceremony can be delay for one million reasons and it means we have less time after etc.

Having a first look ensures that no matter what happens, we still have plenty of time to capture beautiful moments of just the two of you! And if nothing will wrong you get double photo session and just more pictures. Awesome?


4. Take the nerves away.

Being a little anxious during the day is completely normal! the day is a huge deal and you are saying your forevers to the person you love! I have found with my couples a great way to calm their nerves is having a first look. They know once they see the person they love everything else makes sense! This allows them to be more in the moment during the whole process of the day.


5. Most intimate time together.

As I already said this will be the most intimate time you’ll have together that day.

You’ll spend the majority of your wedding day surrounded by other people — getting ready with your bridesmaids, saying “I do” in front of all your guests, posing for lots of photos with your family and, of course, dancing the night away with your besties. The first look session is the calm before the storm, an opportunity to remind you both that when it comes down to it, it’s just the two of you, for "as long as you both shall live".


As always, work with your wedding planner and photographer together to make the least stressful and most efficient timeline for your wedding day. But most importantly, if you don’t want to see each other before the ceremony then don't! Its your wedding and you make the rules!

Enjoy a selection of the most happy and intimate moments of my brides.

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