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Why is it so important to choose a Professional mаke-up аrtist?

Why is it so important to choose a Professional mаke-up аrtist?

The moment of your special day has come, it's important to capture every moment and emotion, so that later when you look through the photos you can feel their warmth and amazingness.


SO… you need your make-up to look perfect in the pictures. You should shine with beauty and personality. A makeup artist can create this original and unique character within you. Unfortunately, the hotel сan sometimes put up barriers and won’t allow you to bring in your own team. The vendors that the hotel recommends you to use are not fully capable of providing professional mаke-up аrtist services. Not to mention, they cost a lot and their services do not match up with the price.

 What should you do in this situation?


I have been living and working as a wedding photographer in Dominican Republic for a long time, and I can advise you the best way to solve this problem. If there are issues with the hotel administration (they oblige you to pay an unbearable vendor fee), you can take a taxi, go to the salon and get high-quality services for your make-up and hair. This is much easier and will cost around the same price that the hotel was trying to charge you, BUT with better service all around. I can promise you will leave the salon feeling like it was worth every penny.


Why should you choose outside services with a professional stylist?


· They are more qualified, with a wider range of experience.

· The quality of work is better and they have a clearer understanding of what the client wants. *Remember…A real expert will ask you in advance to send your requests, photo examples and a description of the wedding style BEFORE the significant day.*

· A professional stylist ALWAYS HEARS you loud and clear and will relay what will best suit you and your wedding style.

· A professional stylist is always prepared in advanced and knows the number of clients that they will be working with. Their team of professionals is prepared ahead of time and can work effectively, without delaying the wedding.

· The materials that a professional stylist uses are always high quality, as they use the newest products, which are always cleaned, organized, and specially care for a new client.


“Let me share with you a personal experience…I was photographing a wedding for a bride who chose to use the indoor vendor. One of the bridesmaids was having her make up done when suddenly her face turned beet red! She was experiencing an allergic reaction. She had everything from itchy eyes, a red face and inflamed skin. She rushed to the bathroom to wash her face, but the damage was already done. This was horrifying to see and all could have been avoided if the materials were cleaned. This is only ONE experience that I am sharing with you. There have been more. Much more.”


All-in-all, I only work with professionals who provide quality services. Without them, I can’t create art, transfer the unique emotions of joy and happiness. Only with their high quality work, each photo is a masterpiece; which hаs its own soul.

And some very useful beauty tips from professional makeup artist.


The perfect concealer for the eyes and the coolest is that it's also a highlighter in one bottle.

So, in order: this product is so universal that it is suitable for professional make-up artists  and has the right to be in make-up bag of every girl, indeed every girl, of every age.

1) This amazing product moisturizes the skin, delicately highlights the skin around the eyes (and while the classic concealers dried and have a large amount of pigment because of which either the mimic wrinkles are always intensified and creates the effect of congestion of makeup).

2) Due to the unique shimmer in the composition, it reflects the light so much that dark circles under the eyes are not visible and thanks to this it is not necessary to layer the product

3) Again, thanks to the texture and the unique shimmer, there are two shades that adapt to any type of skin. And it's true! I tested over a month for more than 50 different types of skin!!!! (although the second shade for swarthy skin appeared recently, I used a classic with pinkish highlighting.

4) It works as a very delicate highlighter, and the most unique thing is that in life, that on the camera it is EXCELLENT.

In general, makeup artists will receive so many POSITIVE EMOTIONS ADDING IT TO THE  CASE, as well as their clients in their personal make-up bags. ''

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