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Same Sex Punta Cana Wedding

Same Sex Punta Cana Wedding

This was my second experience shooting a same sex wedding. And it was so emotional. Stemming from the touching feelings inside the couple and ending with all friends and families supporting and accepting their love.

    When you spend the whole day with a couple you somehow experience these moments of absolute joy. Watching and understanding what kind of relationship they have with each other, their charm, their feelings and the significance of that day. Perhaps it was my first wedding in all my experiences that I shed tears more than once. So many sincere, touching and emotional moments. Oaths giving glimpses on the skin…

   You can’t NOT live this moment with them, it affects the soul. You simultaneously understand how two people sincerely and deeply love each other regardless of age, sex, or other labels.

How important it is that there are people supporting you on this journey-your friends, your


Be happy, dear Minerva and Cecilia.

And thank you for this wonderful experiential gift!❤️❤️

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